Trend Alert: Pastel pop

Spring is here! While we are all going through this global pandemic, colours and style have never been more popular. We're seeing an increase in pastel hues- from high-street fashion to make-up to homewares.

We spend a lot of time drooling over Instagram feeds and falling in love with pretty pastels. These fabulous colours can be mixed and matched, as well as combining with other styles. The overall look is overwhelmingly soft and elegant with a nod to mid-mod styling.

Now… we hear some of you saying that pastels are just too pretty or too childish and just won’t work! We assure you that is not the case. In reality, soft pastels are an ideal neutral and will give a boost of life and freshness to your room. This is an opportunity for a touch of whimsy and fun! 


Here's 3 Ways to Add Pastel Colors to the home

1. Make everything else minimal

When we keep everything else as minimal and neutral, we can easily add a pop of colour through small accessories like vases, cushions, photo frames and even a bouquet of flowers. 

 Credit: Addison Ross

Credit: Addison Ross

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2. Start with something small

You won't need to paint an entire wall pink but instead choose a few corners or areas where you can add a splash of colour throughout. How about coffee table, bookshelves and dining table? The idea is to add elements of 'surprises' to this little corner with some colourful decorative objects. Can you spot the lilac vase in this kitchen? 

Hubsch Vase

Credit: Hubsch

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3. Mix and match

Try sticking to simple palette of two to three hues. Here is a simple pink and lilac scheme creates a fresh and modern look that allows you to add or subtract pieces as you discover new finds. Have fun decorating and forget about the rules!

pink lilac vase

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